Mexi log fest is one of the largest gatherings of skilled long boarders in the world. It is a week long contest, art show, party and all around good time. Although the roster is stacked with professional surfers, no one seems to take it too seriously. Of course, everyone surfs their best, but the eggy atmosphere and elbow bumping heats of typical professional competitions is nowhere to be found.

Five of our team members were lucky enough to receive an invitation to 2021’s festival. Natalie Marquardt, Laney Star, Raymond Sayles, Trey Martinho and Cooper White booked their tickets and headed south of the border. Living the lush life, these guys used the competition’s discount code to book themselves rooms at the all-inclusive beachside resort at the site of the competition. Joined by friends Sierra Garcia, Mikey Normand, Nolan Sullivan and about a half dozen other long boarders from Santa Cruz, thirteen days in paradise sounded right up their alley.
The competition itself mostly consisted of long days at the beach, blown out afternoons, a dwindling swell, and a whole lot of style. It was a good time all around. Between surfing heats and exploring the nearby areas our team hung with the high class competition and enjoyed their vacation. Nearing the end of the competition, the waves got so small that the top 16 voted to split the prize purse equally instead of competing in subpar conditions. Leave it to longboarders to host the only contest in history that concluded without a winner.
Upon their arrival to the log festival the crew was greeted by 6 – 8 foot swell rolling into Punta Burros, the site of the contest. Watching some of the worlds best long boarders surf waves this powerful with style and grace was incredible. Wave after wave familiar figures were pushing the limits of traditional longboard surfing.  After a quick sunset session the party began. The party didn’t ever really end after that. The next few days were all hangovers, amazing sessions, good times, and all you can eat food. Soon enough it was time for the opening ceremony.

Their time in Nayarit was blessed with warm water and beautiful weather, albeit the couple days of tropical storm. Friendships were strengthened and memories were made. For most of the group, it was time to pack up the logs and head back to California. For Trey, Sierra, Mikey and Nolan, it was time to head deeper into Mexico in search of hollow right hand point breaks…

All photos by Nolan Sullivan