Condition – New

Dimensions –5’6″ x 21″ x 2 5/8″

Glassing – Deck: 6+6+fabric inlay. Solid Tint ~ Bottom: 6+6+4oz Tail patch w/ resin abstract

Accessories Included – N/A

Price – $850

In store pick-up only



Small wave machine! Rip full rail turns in mush burger conditions or use as a crowd control beater when its pumping. Surf more often as this board works in anything with a face. From beaches to points to reefs. The v3 Gibbon does it all. Fast and flow.


Locus Surfboards are built by a single pair of hands. Tyler hand shapes, glasses and finishes every board himself. Whether he’s building an innovative, performance shape or a classic longboard, Tyler maintains a high bar for environmental responsibility without skimping on quality. Every Locus board uses E.P.S. foam blanks and are glassed using plant-based epoxies. Many Locus boards also use reclaimed wood for stringers and tail blocks acquired through our collaboration projects with Ventana Surfboards and Supplies. Every Locus creation is Ecoboard certified by


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