The Save-A-Surf Wax Box from Ventana is a totally unique tool kit to help you save your surf session when you’re out in the wild!

Includes: A bar of Ventana Cold Water XXL wax, five integrated fin screws, an Allen wrench secured with tiny magnets, a leash cord, a wax comb and scraper lid, a recycled guitar pick and a stainless steel ring bottle opener. This all-in-one wax box is perfect for saving your session and opening a beer after you surf. Position the Allen wrench in the groove using the angle guide on the back of the box, turn the compass rose to the north and use it as a sundial to tell time in direct sunlight. If you know the time, position the shadow on that hour and it becomes a compass!

This is a usable piece of art designed and produced by master craftsman Martijn Stiphout in Santa Cruz, California. They are laser cut to exact specifications, hand oiled and assembled by Ventana.



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