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The Coffin Bros. Control Series, designed by the brotherly duo of Conner and Parker Coffin, is a medium sized fin in the Rake Template category. For the first time ever, Futures is releasing a signature fin designed and tested by two team riders equally. Conner, the older brother and Championship Tour standout, trusts the design to suit the highest level of competitive surfing. Parker, the free-surfing goofy-foot, trusts the design to suit any, and all, conditions he finds on the road filming. Both brothers share a penchant for unflappable technique, which speaks volumes of the performance of their first signature installment. The solid fiberglass construction provides a consistent flex pattern for stability and control.

Template Category | Rake (drawn-out/drive)

Construction | Fiberglass

Ride Number | Speed Control - 3.4

Size | Medium (145 - 175 lbs)

Side Fins Center Fin

Area 15.10 14.76

Height 4.58 4.53

Base 4.55 4.50

Foil Flat SYMM

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