Midtown Surf Shop can fix any surfboard damage and help get you back in the water with minimal downtime. We fix all sorts of dings, including: rail, nose and tail damage, busted fin boxes, delaminated glass, and even surfboards that have been buckled or broken.

We offer fast, affordable repairs, starting at just $30, and we can get your board back to you in as few as 24 hours!


CONTACT US @ 831-316-7646 or stop by your nearest Midtown Surf Shop location for easy drop off and pick up.




How much do surfboard repairs cost?

It depends on the type and extent of damage, but repairs start around $30 for small dings and can be as much as a few hundred dollars for boards with major damage.

How long do surfboard repairs take?

At Midtown Surf Shop, we pride ourselves on quick turnarounds and most surfboard repairs take just 3-5 days from drop off to pick up! Generally, surfboards with minor damage can be fixed more quickly than those with more extensive damage.
Still not fast enough? Ask about our Rush Delivery service that could have you back in the water in as little as 24 hours! ($25 Rush Delivery fee may apply)

We repair:

  • Noses
  • Tails
  • Rails
  • Delamination
  • Fin Boxes
  • Damaged Fins
  • Buckled decks
  • Broken Surfboards

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