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SOLID Surfboards

Designed and built in San Diego since 2004, SOLID offers a variety of surfboards with a focus on eco-friendly mass manufacturing. Steam blown EPS cut by a 3-axis CNC shaping machine is reinforced with basalt tape, hemp cloth, and bio-epoxy resin. These boards are available as SOLID customs or private labeled Midtown boards!

Timmy Patterson Surfboards

Founded in Dana Point in 1980, T.Patterson Surfboards can be found under the feet of some elite surfers. Tim is a second generation surfboard shaper and has studied under legends such as Dale Velzy and Terry Martin. He is considered an expert designer and a world class shaper.

Mystic Surfboards

John Moore of Mystic Surfboards is the real deal! With over 25 years of experience, this Santa Cruz shaper can shape just about anything you can think of. Whether it’s a log, fish or shortboard, he’s got you covered. He also teaches shaping lessons here at Midtown and encourages us all to “think like water”.

Kille Surfboards

Jeremiah Kille is half shaper and half artist. He has been building boards and painting the town for decades in Santa Cruz. Kille Surfboards are guaranteed to be stylish and functional. 100% Hand shaped and glassed by the man himself. Plus, he is the man behind our Santa Cruz store’s awesome mural!

Mando Surfboards

Intergalactic Shapes: surf boards for the inquisitive being. Mando Surf Crafts are made in Carmel. These machine shaped alternative craft are made to help develop style and increase wave count. “Care about positive change, strive to make a difference, empower female surfers in a severely male dominated industry.”

Creative Army Surfboards

Designed by Josh Constable (a WSL longboard world title holder) and mass produced by Global surf Industries, these machined surfboards can be found all around the world. Produced in Thailand and China, these boards are priced to be affordable as an entry level fiberglass boards.

Aloha Surfboards

Founded in Sydney by Greg Clough, Aloha Surfboards are now produced by the Surfboard Agency.  Aloha’s strength resides in its global reach and distribution network. At Midtown, we carry Aloha’s “Eco-Skin” Paulownia wood veneer eco-construction.

Buell Soft tops

Buell Soft Tops are an epic choice for the entry level surfer! With plenty of foam and a squishy exterior, these boards are made to get you in the water!

Sharp Eye Surfboards

Sharp Eye Surfboards founded in 1992 by Head Shaper Marcio Zouvi is a high performance surfboard brand used by the world’s elite surfers. Although these boards are CNC’d and glassed locally in San Diego, they are available world wide and are considered to be among the best.

Panda Surfboards

PANDA Surfboard’s Blake Peters was born and raised on the northern beaches of Sydney, Australia. Part of the new generation of manufacturers who are making successful in-roads on a global level, PANDA makes constant review of new technology and takes full advantage of it, to create extremely accurate and unique surfboards.

Locus Surfboards

Tyler Hopkins of Locus Surfboards is one of the few shapers that is 100% hand shaping and glassing all of his boards start to finish. Locus boards are gold level eco-boards meaning they use recycled EPS foam, Bio-epoxy resin, and Flax cloth. Alternative surfboards mad in Santa Cruz

Surfboards by TVM

Surfboards by TVM are 100% hand shaped and glassed start to finish by Trey. These boards are poly foam and bio-epoxy resin, a blend that allows strength with a classic feel. This twenty three year old has been with Midtown since the start and is dedicated to making quality alternative crafts for the Midtown x TVM label.

Elemnt Surfboards

Born out of the east coast of Australia, Elemnt Surfboards are produced by the Surfboard Agency. Made in China and machine shaped, these boards are made with the idea of providing fun alternative shapes that wont break the bank. These boards are EPS and Epoxy construction.

Salt Gypsy Surfboards

Almond Soft tops

Recyclable from nose to tail, these Almond Soft Tops are made with quality and performance in mind. These boards are designed like real fiberglass boards with proper rail shapes, rockers and foils. Molded here in the USA!

Midtown Soft tops

Midtown Soft Tops are another great option for beginners! These boards are affordable and will get you ripping! Come check out the multiple size options available at our stores!

Email to inquire about a custom board from one of our shapers today!