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Birthdate: May 20, 2000

How did you start surfing/ how long have you been? 

I first started surfing when I was 10. My best friend Matthew and I would always go out with his dad to Capitola .

Shortboard? Longboard? Both?

I like to longboard more, but love to ride twins and mid lengths.

Favorite surfer(s)?

Tyler Warren and Adam Replogle.

Dream surf trip/ dream set up? 

Fiji or Noosa would be my dream trip. I’d bring a fish, mid length and log.

How often do you surf?

I tend to surf 5 days a week give or take, depending on the crowd.

What gets you out in the water?

The joy of getting the closest I can to walking on water and levitating.

Photos by Calissa Kloepfer and Edin Markulin.

Favorite band/artist/ genre?

Mt. Joy and other alternative music.

Hobbies besides surfing?

I tend to find my self taking photos if I’m not surfing or shaping boards.

Favorite board? Favorite fin?

My favorite board that I have ridden is a city fog CJ Nelson board that my uncle has that I’m trying to get off him.